Double Secret Devaluation: Gold’s Correlation to Money Supply Implies $1,800

Double Secret Probation

It’s Double Secret Devaluation, not Inflation, Stupid! The Fed and the markets have been completely absorbed by the deflationary pressures of a soft economy. As such, Gold was summarily pummeled as an unnecessary inflation protection proxy. However, the other story to tell is that the Fed, the ECB, and the BOJ have been engaged in […]

Oz Econ Part I: The Economic Twister and the Fed Response

Horse Diff color

A Fed of a Different Color The Great Wizard of Oz would have you believe:  Following the 2008 crisis, the Fed did what it had to, and its actions have been measured in their scale and fiscally responsible to the nation in light of economic conditions. The Reality back in Kansas is:  At a time […]

Oz Econ Part II: The Perilous Walk Down the Yellow Brick Road

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Pounding the Yellow Brick Pavement The Great Wizard of Oz would have you believe:  At least the government has been effective in reducing unemployment, stimulating growth, and keeping inflation tame. The Reality back in Kansas is:  Official unemployment figures are being recalibrated time and again to demonstrate progress, but other metrics point to zero progress […]

The Slow Moving Paradigm Shift in Hedge Fund Marketing

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Funds’ Ability to Solicit Business under the JOBS Act will take Root in Time If you are reading this, you know about the Jump Start Our Business Start-up (JOBS) Act and that its progressive stages increasingly open the door for limited partnerships, including hedge funds, private equity, and others to openly solicit investors.  For such […]